So who is the Preppy Dietitian?

Hi there! I guess I should start off by introducing who I am and how I got here, so hello, I am Madison Paige McCord! Warning: This introduction may be long, sorry!!


Currently I am a sophomore at my local branch of Ohio University, what am I going for you ask, well this is where the “Dietitian” part comes into play! I am majoring in applied nutrition where I will get my license to become a registered dietitian(RD). This has been my dream for a long while now, I have always had a passion for good health and taking care of yourself. Now I want to share that passion with others! College has been difficult so far and I know its only going to get harder, but I love the challenge(; I plan to use this blog for 3 main reasons, and the first would be to post healthy tips and recipes and how I lead my life with good nutrition along with my journey through school and my internship!

So here comes the “preppy” part. Recently I realized I am a COMPLETE makeup/beauty obsessed woman. I have always loved fashion and looking nice, but never focused a whole lot on my makeup. Then the wonderful world of youtube introduced me to some amazing women posting amazing videos on makeup and instantly I was hooked! Now I just so happen to spend my time full on obsessing over it, and it will be the death of me (or at least of my bank account). So the second part of what my blog is: beauty posts! I want to show you all things beauty that I am loving and basically just show you what I am throwing my money away to!

Now of course this would not be a blog if it did not include my life. Some basic things about me you should know is that 1) I am in love with my high school sweetheart Josh who I have been with for 5 years now. 2) We have recently moved in together along with our fur child American bulldog/boxer mix Chunk and kitten Drew. And 3) I am a passionate person who loves what I do and love the people around me with all my heart. Welcome to my life, I hope you love it!


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