Makeup, Healthy Living, Life on My Own, All Money Woes!

Gahhhhh. That is how I currently feel at the moment! Do you ever get the feeling that you could spend the next 70 years of your life working every single day and you still wouldn’t have enough money to buy everything that you really, realllllllyy, want?

That is my mood at the moment, and it is stressing me the heck out! Like why on earth is makeup so pricey?! It is a necessity(some of you may be thinking no, but lets be honest, for a female, it just is!) And I mean shouldn’t necessities be reasonably priced? I have caught my self filling up my Sephora online cart with everything that my little heart desires only to see the price and feel my happy little heart shrink away in sadness. As I wipe a tear from my eye I close out of the web page and face the fact that I am no billionaire, so therefore those beautiful products will have to wait. To add to the stress I now have bills to pay, groceries to buy, hair appointments that momma bear no longer takes care of for me. Like being a grown up kinda sucks at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love living with Josh on our own, but dang, I never realized it would be SO expensive!! Lets not forget I am a healthy person, and as much as I would like to tell you that living healthy is cheap, well I’d be lying to you, and I am not a liar. It is freaking expensive to buy all organic and to pay for gym memberships every month! Money has totally got me stressed to the max right now, but I am trying to stay positive, after all I work two jobs and am in college for a reason, I work hard to make sure I will have a successful life!

Photo on 9-14-14 at 9.31 PMBoo to how expensive everything is ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

On a much more positive note I am so very excited to say that Josh is starting to fully follow my lifestyle of being healthy! I will admit we have both been eating pretty terrible here lately, and we have definitely been feeling the effects from it, sluggish, no energy, poor body image, all of the usuals that associate with pigging out on deep fried junk food! Thankfully today I talked to Josh about making some serious life style changes and he was super excited for it! I can’t wait to see how we will look and feel in a couple of months!

Now I am off to stalk some youtubers and then go to bed!

Photo on 9-14-14 at 9.32 PMAlways be positive and silly, even when life tries to bring you down!

Much love, goodnight! X0 Maddie


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