Handling Cravings

Oh my goodness have my cravings for unhealthy things been bad today! I wanted bagels with cream cheese when I woke up, loaded nachos for lunch, and pizza for dinner. It seems like every time I have blinked my eyes today a new image of something greasy and delicious has popped into my mind. We all have these days, some worse than others, where you want to literally clean out the grocery store and eat it all.

It is unfortunately something you can never fully avoid if you are a normally a healthy eater. I have had many friends ask me what they should do when they have days like this and my answer is almost always the same! I am not saying that this will work for everyone, but it always works for me and it has seemed to help friends who have been struggling also. So if you are having a day where your cravings seem unbearable here are some tips to avoid pigging out and regretting it later! Tips: 1) Workout. It always helps me to get my mind off those yummy treats by doing something else. Usually a half hour workout does just the trick for me! You can do weight training, cardio, yoga, or any other workout you love! If you have already worked out for the day, are having a rest day, or just not into the whole “workout” mood then you can always do something else productive! I like to clean my house, organize my pantry/closet, or dance to music! A lot of people have told them that they like to study or do homework, this personally does not work very well for me since I love to snack while studying, but if it is something you think could work for you, don’t hesitate to try it! 2) Drink water. Water is amazing, it not only quenches your thirst but it can also get rid of cravings and determine whether you are truly hungry or just having a craving! It also does amazing things for your body! Make sure you are drinking around half your body weight in ounces of water a day! It may seem like a lot at first but soon it will become habit! You could also drink green tea to help if you are not feeling water! 3) PLEASE be sure to give yourself cheats and treats when you deserve it! I hate when people say they never treat themselves, you are setting yourself up for failure. Now I am not saying eat an unhealthy meal every day, that’s not the way to do it! My outlook is I give myself one cheat MEAL a week. Not a cheat day, a meal. I also allow myself to have a few treats throughout the week (ie. a few fries with my salad, 1 cookie after dinner, coffee with my favorite creamer). Notice how the treats are small, and yet again I do not do them every day. The reasoning behind why I believe this is so effective is it keeps you from going completely crazy by depriving yourself. 9 times out 10 if you never allow a treat you are 1) not going to be very happy and 2) eventually you will cave and it will be a million times worse than if you would have just allowed a small treat! This helps take care of cravings so much because you are not depriving yourself of the things you really enjoy, you are just eating them very moderately! 4) Remember your goals. I always get on Pinterest and look at my “fitness” board to remember why I am doing what I am doing. I also think about how much healthier I am by eating healthy and think about my passion for good nutrition. It always helps to be reminded why you are coin what you are doing, and looking at pictures of super fit girls usually kicks that craving instantly(; These are my go-to tips to help get you over a bad day filled with cravings! I hope that these will help you when you need them and if you have any other tips that seem to help you please leave a comment letting me know of them!(: XO Maddie


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