My Favorite Fitness Guru and Quick and Easy Tostada Recipe!

I would like to just take a second to introduce you to an amazing lady named Kayla Itsines. She is one of the most well known fitness gurus of this time for a very good reason! Some of you may be familiar with her and her program and if so then I am sure that you understand why I am so obsessed! Just scrolling through her Insta photos in the morning motivates me to wake up and kick some butt!

Kayla has created a program called the “Bikini Body Guide” and she currently has the BBG workout program, H.E.L.P. nutrition guide, and she has recently released her BBG 2.0 which is basically a follow up of what to do after you have completed the first one. I have done so much research on her and her program because I am the type of person that wants to make sure I am spending my money on something that I believe will truly be worth it, and I will go ahead and say the money that I spent on this guide was the best decision I could have made. Head over to her website where you can check out transformation updates of clients of hers that are doing her program and I promise you will be blown away! I purchased the bundle and I love both of the ebooks so much! I am currently on the first week and third day of the program but I can already tell this is one that is going to give amazing results! I have been SO exhausted after each butt-kicking workout and very satisfyingly sore the following day! I am excited to keep y’all updated with how the program is working for me!

I get bored easily with workouts so it was nice for me to find something that is fast paced and fun to do, I really think this will be one program that I will stick with until the end! I plan on doing weekly updates to let you know how it is going and how I am liking it, but in the meantime I recommend you go look at her site, she also has a blog you can follow if you are not up to make the purchase yet!

Processed with Rookie

With me being in college it can get pretty difficult for me to find the time to cook big, healthy meals. Today I did not have much time for lunch and was considering just picking something up in town when I thought of this yummy little recipe. It literally took me about 3 minutes to make and it was super tasty! I just took a small tostada shell, topped it with black beans, jalapeรฑos, low fat cheddar cheese, and Cholula hot sauce (my favorite). Then i heated it in the microwave until the cheese was melty (about 45 seconds) and chowed down! This is perfect if you are looking for something full of flavor and spice but do not have much time to cook! Now its time for me to go learn some Anatomy!

XO Maddie


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