For the Love of Chipotle and Other Treats

You know that vine? The one where the little boy is saying “Chipotle is my lifeeee” making fun of all the Chipotle-obsessed citizens, well there is a good chance that it was based on me.

Seriously though, Chipotle is life. Period. It is even better now because I have eliminated the sour cream from my bowl and am eating it 100 percent healthy, yay for me! Tonight Josh had the wonderful idea that we should eat it for dinner so now I am going to post a picture or two so you can drool over how delicious my bowl looked, only because I love you(;


IMG_7326Because I love it.

Saturday evening we went out to our favorite local restaurant for our cheat meals. Its a little Mexican place that serves the absolute best fajitas and chips and salsa. Josh got a burrito and I got the chicken fajitas with a side of rice! Josh’s number one weakness is ice cream and he had done so good the whole week that we decided to stop by Cold Stone Creamery after dinner for a yummy little treat. We both got the cake batter ice cream, mine was loaded with chocolate chips, coconut pieces, and graham cracker crust. Josh’s had caramel and chocolate pieces, they were both drool worthy, so of core here is a picture of my ice cream also(:

IMG_7319It’s kinda melty, sorry!

I am now on week two of my BBG program and I am still absolutely loving it! I did cardio and legs tonight and I can already tell I am going to be sore in the morning, it kicked my butt! If I am not too terribly sore I plan to do a nice 4 mile run tomorrow since I have a long break between my classes, i haven’t had much of a chance to run here lately and I am definitely missing it! It will be the perfect way to blow off some stress after 2 exams in the morning! I swear doing some type of workout is the absolute best stress relief, and I love how energized and happy I feel from the endorphins! Remember, people that workout get endorphins, endorphins make people happy, and happy people just don’t kill other people! (Or something like that)

One last little note I would like to talk about is my mini drug store haul I did the other day!


I have had my eye on “the Nudes” pallet for a little while now and finally decided to pull the trigger and invest! I haven’t had too much time to play with it yet, but from what I can tell the colors are very nice, there just isn’t as much pigmentation as I had hoped for! I also picked up another little quad because lets be honest, these are the best little drug store eye shadow pallets you will ever find! I thought these colors were super appropriate for fall, and I have been wearing them almost ever day since I purchased it! I picked up a new shade in my Loreal True Match foundation since I have been doing a lot of self tanning and my old one was a little too light! This has been my favorite foundation at the moment, although I am wanting to purchase some from Nars that I have heard everyone raving about! I also got some eye brow pencils that are pretty good, although the color is a little too light, and a gorgeous lip stick for fall! I don’t remember the name of it at the moment but if I figure it out I will leave it in here! It is from Maybeline and it is the most gorgeous plum color of life. Literally. I am obsessed. I already know I will be wearing this all fall. Okay lets be real, I am sure I will end up buying 20 more that I love just as much and will wear just as often, but for now, this is definitely the one. That’s all that I picked up on this trip, I am sure I will have more to show soon!

XO Maddie


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