September Favorites


It’s that time of the month! I absolutely love watching favorites videos on youtube and I figured why not make a favorites blog post?

I had a lot of fun going through and picking out all of the things I used like crazy and was totally loving the month of September! Hopefully these help you guys maybe find some new favorites of your own! I have a mix up of make up, skin care, and candles for this month, so let’s get started!



So the first thing that I have been absolutely LOVING is the Lorac Pro pallet 2! I use this almost every single day. Seriously though, look at how freaking gorg these colors are! One thing I love about this is that the top row is all mattes and the bottom row is all glitter! You get an even amount of both and you’re able to create so many fabulous looks with this! Plus the formulation of these shadows is amazing, they are so pigmented and they stay on so nicely all day! If you are a beginner and are looking for a good pallet to start with I would absolutely recommend going to get this one!


Next is this Maybelline lipstick in the color “Summer Sunset”. First let me say that Maybelline lipsticks are my favorite brand at the drug store. They go on so smoothly and they last for hours! I thought this was the perfect color to wear for the end of summer/ beginning of fall! It’s a light reddish/pink with some shimmer in it! It has been super pretty and I have just really been loving it with almost every look!


This is something I am sure you have all seen and for a good reason. It is the Mac paint pot and I use the shade “Bare Study”. This stuff seriously works so good as an eye primer! Plus you only have to use a tiny bit at a time so it is going to last FOREVER! It is totally worth the money! I know another shade that a lot of people love is Soft Ochre, but I thought this one fit my natural shade better!


Another favorite of mine that I am sure you have all heard about from every single beauty guru on this planet is the Loreal Paris Miss Manga Voluminous mascara. This stuff is raved about for a reason. If you haven’t tried it, GO BUY IT! It makes your lashes look amazing! It is so much better than even any high end mascara I have used, this will probably be my holy grail mascara for the rest of my life (until something better comes along)! I really do love this stuff, it’s amazing!


Next is the Mac liquid eye liner in “Boot Black”. For the longest time I searched for a good liquid liner that would make the perfect wing and last all day. Well here it is! It’s super black and the applicator is the perfect size for applying this! Another great product by Mac!

Now onto skin care products!


First is my all time favorite face wash, I use this stuff every single night, it is super gentle but does a great job at taking off all of your makeup! It’s the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. You can find this at pretty much any store that sells face washes (I usually get mine from Walmart). It can be a little pricey, I believe I usually pay around $20 for it, but its totally worth it!


Seriously guys this body wash is the most amazing, clean, sweet, smelling body wash of life! It is from Bath and Body Works and let me tell you, it smells heavenly! The back says its key notes are Sparkling Meyer Lemon, Luscious Tangerine, and Sunflower Petals. Basically it smells like sunshine and happiness. I have been using this for the past three months now and have two more bottles stocked up so I am sure I will be using it for at least another month!


Two of my favorites I have been using this past month is the Victoria’s Secret self tanner and the Victoria’s Secret Pink lotion in Hot Crush. This self tanner works so well! I was worried about it leaving me orange or streaky but it doesn’t at all! It leaves me a nice bronze color with a little bit of shimmer, I apply it about 3 times a week to maintain the color I like! The lotion is super moisturizing and smells delicious! It has scents of Jasmine and Warm Caramel. I love warm, cozy, scents and this is just that!


Last for my September favorites are the two candles I have been burning non-stop all month! The first one is a vanilla amber scent that I found at TJMaxx. To be totally honest with you even if this smelled totally disgusting I would have bought it because, hello, that packaging is adorable, and I am such a sucker for cute packaging! Lucky for me though it also smells really good! It fits along with the warm scent I love so much, and I love to burn in it the bedroom or when I am relaxing in the tub! The second one is from the Bath and Body Works Farm Stand collection! I got the “apple” candle and it really smells like I have an apple orchard growing in my living room! It was the perfect candle for me to burn in September. I am super picky about my scents that I burn matching the season and September is always such a hard month for me to buy for because summer is still happening but then it’s also switching over to fall so I really don’t like to burn a specific scent for one specific season in that month (if any of that made any sense). This candle has the freshness of summer but also the new apple scent of fall so it was so perfect!

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about my favorites for this month! Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know what some of your favorites for the month of September have been! Also don’t forget to tag me in your photos if you are doing my October photo challenge!

XO Madison


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