Tea Time


I swear I have been so busy this past week that the only things keeping me sane is watching re-runs of Gossip Girl on Netflix while stuffing my face with pumpkin ice cream and cuddling with Chunk.
I have had to work almost every day, I have had some sort of large assignment due in every class, and I have had so much that needed to be done around the house. Thankfully I am pretty much caught up on everything and figured it would be the perfect time to sit down to a cup of tea and blog to you all about how much I love the said tea and why! Makes total sense right? (Oh and if you are wondering what the frog in my cup is it’s my adorable new tea infuser(: )

First let me start by saying that I am a huge coffee person as well as a tea person, so I am not going to be one of those people preaching to you about why you are an idiot for drinking coffee instead of tea and children are going to die because of you. Harsh? Yeah I have seen posts like that, but this is not one. I promise.

Tea is something I love drinking when I am wanting to just relax and take it easy. For me it is very calming and just gives me more of an overall peace after I drink it. (I like to feel extra peaceful guru-y if I drink my tea before or after doing yoga, try it, it makes you feel unstoppable like you can fix world hunger.) As I was sitting outside enjoying a cup while listening to the rain I decided to do some research into why exactly tea is so beneficial for you to drink. Since I was drinking a cup of oolong I figured I would start with that, and the information I found is quite amazing.

First Oolong has amazing overall health benefits, it helps with heart disease, helps prevent cancers, and gives you healthier bones. ย I that is no convincing enough then you should know that it also makes your skin glow-y and amazing and can help aid in weight loss. To top it all off it is proven to help relieve and mange stress levels! It is literally health in a cup, every possible type of good health you could want, all bundled up in one cup!

Every tea out there contains amazing benefits similar to those like the Oolong, if you are curious about the benefits of the other drinks I would head over to a site called organicfacts.net! They provide the health benefits for pretty much everything you could want!

Now I know a lot of people are afraid to drink tea because they think it is kinda bland in taste, and this can be true if you drink just basic flavors. Luckily there are thousands of brands that make super delicious teas, you just have to look! One of my favorite brands is Teavana! They have every type of tea out there along with every flavor you could ever want, I recommend making a trip to the closests store to help you find the perfect tea! Especially if you are nervous about what kind you would like, they are super helpful with picking it out!


Above is a picture of the different teas that came in a set I recently purchased from Teavana. Unfortunately I don’t think you can read the names/descriptions but basically they range from chocolatey, to fruity, to more subtle flavors. I have been loving these all so far!

Now that I sit here and read over what I wrote I am thinking to myself ย “what exactly was the point of this post?” and basically I just wanted to share with you how much of a tea obsessed freak I am, but it’s okay because I know I am not the only one!


And now here is a pointless photo of the trees because I love Fall and I thought it looked beautiful!


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