Why Netflix Ruins Lives


I have come to the conclusion that Netflix ruins lives. Period. I am sure reading that you think I am crazy, but I promise you I am not, and I will tell you why.

So about a week ago (we know everyone just sang that) I watched the Pretty Little Liars special on ABC family, because well, I am obsessed with the show so why would I not watch it? Well after watching it I decided I was going to re-watch all the episodes on Netflix until the winter premier.. I figured I would watch about one episode a night or every other night.. that did not happen. You know how Netflix makes it super simple to move on to the next episode like it’s no big deal, well after that first night I found myself on episode 7 and it was about 5 in the morning, I had to be up at 6. I went to bed convincing myself that the next day would be very productive and it wasn’t a big deal, until it became a big deal. I have literally done nothing but watch Netflix. In the matter of  a week I have become America’s laziest human. I am not lying, I started skipping my classes and ditching out on homework, I wash’t cleaning or working out, and I re-developed my love of junk food. It didn’t just stop at the shows either, I would go back and forth between watching the show and reading the books (I am crazy I know). My time was flying by and before I knew it I would look at the clock and Josh would be heading home from work. It was becoming a serious, serious problem. I started to fall back into the same routine today, I woke up, watched about 2 episodes and then stopped myself. This is absolutely ridiculous, I realized if I kept doing that I would end up dropping out of school due to grades, losing Josh because no one wants to be with someone so lazy, and gain about 100 pounds. That is not the life for me, I am not a lazy person. Thankfully I have realized all of this before it got too out of hand. I made myself get out of the chair, throw on some workout clothes, do my Kayla Itsines workout followed by a walk, and then eat a healthy lunch. (Breakfast was already ruined unfortunately.)

So now I am sure you’re wondering why this crazy girl is telling you about how utterly lazy she was for the last week and it’s because I want to warn you. I didn’t realize just how easy it was to fall into this lazy pattern until it happened. I know it can be nice to take a day from your stress filled life and just curl up and watch Netflix while spooning ice cream into your mouth, and usually a day like that is much needed every once in  a while, but it can very easily become a disgusting habit. Don’t let it happen to you, if you feel it starting to happen force yourself to get up and do something productive, once you are up and moving you will realize how sluggish and gross you feel and you will crave going back to your normal lifestyle. Do not let the lazy life consume you.



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