Weekend Fun

This past weekend I went with my family on a mini trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My parents love this town and wanted to go to see all of the Christmas lights that were set up.
Unfortunately Josh was not able to get it off work so he had to stay home, but I still had a great time with my parents and Grandma! The town has added a ton more shops than what they had the last time I went, about 6 years ago. We left Thursday evening and headed back home Saturday evening. It was the perfect amount of time to see the sights and lights, and eat some amazing food. On the way there were stopped at Cheddar’s for a late dinner. I got the tilapia with a mango salsa over a bed of rice, a baked potato, and a side salad. It was all super yummy!


Once we got there we just got settled into our room and relaxed. We stayed in a neat little lodge that over looked a beautiful river, it was such a cozy little place, and they had it decorated so nicely for Christmas. The next morning when we woke up we went downstairs for some yummy bagels, waffles, and fruit, and then headed out for the day. We walked all around the little shops and spent hours just exploring everything the town had to offer. We ended up driving into Pigeon Forge to explore some of the different places they had there. Before we headed back to Gatlinburg we decided we were hungry so we stopped at this neat little place called J.T. Hannah’s. It was decorated with an old fashion western style and the food was amazing.


I order the chicken and steak fajitas, they were to die for. Also I loved how every where we ate they gave you mason jars to drink from, so cute!

After we all got full we headed back into town to do some more sight seeing! We went into an amazing Christmas shop, loads of shops with home made house decorations, little candy and home goods shops where you could watch them make everything, and several other neat places. I love how the town had more of an old fashioned feel to it. The shops were all small and cozy, and everyone seemed to make the items they sold by hand. Once it got dark we decided to take a ski lift to the top of the mountain so we could see the town and beautiful lights from above. I am absolutely terrified of heights so I would be lying to you if I said this experience did not scare the shit out of me. Once we were back down on the ground, at the level I like, we hopped in the car and drove all of the place to look at the light displays. On the way back to the lodge we spotted a really neat looking Mexican place called Jose’s and decided we wanted to stop in for some appetizers and drinks. I ordered the fajita nacho appetizer, thinking it would be a nice little small plate since I was still not to terribly hungry from lunch. I was so wrong though, I could not believe the size of these nachos.


The plate was almost a long as my arm! Needless to say I didn’t hardly even make a dent in these, although if I was hungry I am sure I could have eaten the whole thing. These were the best nachos I have ever had, and that is a lot coming from someone who orders Mexican food no matter where they go! My mom and I also both had a margarita, they were huge, and without a doubt the best one either of us have ever had.

After stuffing out faces to the point of being miserable we headed back to the lodge and called it a night. Saturday morning we woke up and went to this really awesome breakfast place called Crocketts Breakfast Camp. The only thing they serve is breakfast all day long, and for a good reason. This food was amazing. I ordered an egg white omelette that was stuffed with avocado, green and red bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese. It was topped with a very fresh salsa and on the side I had fresh fruit and the most delicious biscuit I have ever tasted.


Everyhthing was so fresh and so yummy, yet so filling, I was sad I could clean my plate. We all also ordered two pancakes to split since none of us got them with our meals, and they were heavenly! The menus were on the inside of an old news paper, i loved how the whole place was decorated and set up! If you are ever in the area this place is a must go to!

Once we ate we did some last minute sight seeing, headed back to pack up our things, and then drove to Pigeon Forge to see the Titanic exhibit they had. This is something we had all been wanting to see for years, so I am happy we finally went. The way that it is set up is so amazing, it makes you feel like you are actually on the ship. The experience was very neat but also a little upsetting. It was heartbreaking to learn just how many passengers did not make it and to hear at least a piece of everyones stories. After we were finished with the exhibit we decided it was time to head home! I had such a great time but was thrilled to be back home and see my boys! Josh sent me this very depressing of photo of Cunk while I was gone, claiming he missed me too much. So I couldn’t wait to get back to see them!


Look at that heartbreaking face ):

Sunday I spent the morning relaxing with Josh before heading over to my parents to get some Christmas decorations. After I get the house cleaned up I plan on starting my decorating this evening before I go to work, you could say Tennessee officially put me in the Christmas spirit!


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