Christmas Movie Night

First I would like to start off by saying I am sorry for my absence. Basically it started because I had finals to study for and then some personal things happened in my life that had me distracted and screwed with my mindset so I didn’t feel up to posting anything. But all is good now and I am back(:

I am getting super excited for Christmas so this evening Josh and I decided to watch some of our favorite Christmas movies. I made a huge pot of potato soup and some amazing grilled cheeses. To be totally honest they were not the healthiest choices, but the were not the worse either, and sometimes you just need some cozy comfort food! For the grilled cheeses I toasted some Italian bread on the stove top and then melted Muenster and Provolone-Mozzarella cheese on them. They turned out super cheesy, and super yummy, and went perfectly with the soup!



After eating dinner we put on the movies and I made us some hot cocoa, then we FINALLY decorated the tree. We have had it up since Thanksgiving but have been so busy that tonight was the first chance we had to decorate it! I love going out and having a good time but it is always super nice to be able to have cozy nights in being able to just enjoy each others company!

Also earlier today I made a super yummy lunch, we were low on groceries so I just threw together some whole wheat penne pasta, some broccoli, and some all natural tomato sauce to make a quick and easy pasta! Of course I had to top it with some parmesan and hot pepper flakes(;



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