Christmas Catch Up

Christmas is officially over, it seems like it came and then left before I could even blink my eyes. It’s always such a bitter sweet feeling when its over, you’re sad because it ends so quickly but happy because the stress is over until next year.
This year was definitely different for me since it is the first year Josh and I have celebrated it in our own home, and I absolutely loved it. You know you’re getting older when you get excited about putting decorations up and all you ask for is goodies for the home. I can thankfully say I had a great time with family and got some great gifts, along with gifting family and friends with some great things they really loved. I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did this year! Now it’s time to bring in the New Year and I am officially ready for spring (is it too early to bring out spring decorations?).


The original plan was that we were going to leave our tree and decorations up until New Years, it was what my mom always did and I liked the idea of it. It did not work out like that though. It actually turned into a shitshow, or better yet pissshow, Friday morning. Thursday Josh and I were out for about 13 hours going to different families houses, we had to leave Chunk at home for all those hours with no one here and we knew it wouldn’t end well. To our surprise we came home that night and everything seemed fine, nothing was broke and as far as we could see he hadn’t messed anywhere in this house. Of course we praised him and told him how great he did, and then we happily went off to bed. The next morning we were cleaning and getting some things put away when Josh noticed something smelled like dog pee, so we began to search, and that was when we discovered Chunk had PISSED all over the CHRISTMAS TREE. It was disgusting, and it was like he had done it just to spite us for leaving him home so long with no one here. By that time we were both angry and tearing the tree down trying to not get anything on us.  After we got everything cleaned up we boxed the tree up and were taking it out to the shed when it slipped, hit me in the arm, hard, and then smashed Josh’s finger. Needless to say the tree is lucky it did not get thrown out the window onto the road. And that is why our Christmas decorations all came down the morning after Christmas. Also that is why the only photos you will see of my Christmas decorations is the one above, that mainly focuses on my pj’s and slippers, and this one of my outside set up. If you follow my Instagram you’ve already seen this one. (Madisonpaige342)


Currently Josh and I are cozied up on the couch watching a movie while a pot of cheesy crockpot potato soup is cooking. The recipe for it will be coming soon!


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