Back to School

I swear it’s like someone mashed every bad thing up into a huge ball and then threw it at my face at the beginning of last week. I started out optimistic and ready to start the semester, then got slammed in the face with nothing but crap. I’m not going to complain and go into detail about everything, but just know this past week has sucked beyond belief, and it is a large reason why I have been absent for so long. It is a new week though and I am trying to put all of the bad behind me. So here I am watching One Tree Hill, because I am utterly obsessed, drinking iced coffee, and being thankful for the life I have been given. When times get tough that is really the only thing you can do, think about all the good you have been given and count your blessings.

Everything hasn’t been all bad here lately, Monday night I got to spend time with Josh and his friends watching the Buckeyes win the National Championship, I made a lot of good meals (because let’s be honest, the day revolves around food), and I got to spend some much needed time with old friends.


Processed with Rookie

This morning I woke up and made cheesy baked mashed potatoes and chicken and noodle soup because ego be honest it is one of my favorite meals ever. They are both so simple to make and really you can use whatever ingredients you want. Hope you all have a great week, remember to be thankful for all you have!


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