Friday Thoughts

It’s easy to get caught up in life and lose sight of your goals, especially if you lead a busy lifestyle. You get lost in the motions of every day and suddenly it’s three months down the road and you have achieved nothing you wanted to. I stumbled across a blog of a woman around my age who packed up and moved her life to New York City to achieve her dreams, something I admire so much. I can’t imagine how challenging it would be to do that at such a young age, and I admire how someone is able to so passionately chase after the dreams they believe in. It inspired me to stay on track with my goals and work my ass off to get to where I want to be. I would be lying if I said I haven’t been slacking a lot here lately with several different things, I lost sight of my goals, got lazy with my attitude and looks, and pretty much gave up on everything I believed in and wanted. I couldn’t be more thankful to find the inspiration I was needing to get back on track with my life, I am hoping to see a lot of my dreams being accomplished within this year.


So I guess the whole point of this post is for me to let you know to never give up on your dreams, go out and chase after what you want. It may be easier to give up and I know that when life gets you down it’s hard to stay focused on the things you really want, but you have to make sure you keep yourself and your goals in mind. Have a great weekend loves!



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