Major Change

I have been hopelessly uninterested with school, it started last semester and I thought I could get through it, but I can’t. I at first worried it was school in general that wasn’t for me, then one day in the middle of Chemistry it dawned on me that I had lost pretty much all interest in my major. Sure I would like being a dietitian, but it’s not my dream dream job, and I really hate science based classes. Life is way to short to not enjoy what you are doing, so I decided I wanted to switch majors. I immediately thought back to when I was younger and obsessed with the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, I would spends days dreaming about working in a world like that, filled with high fashion every single day. Of course at that age I thought the only career in fashion was to be either a model, a designer, or at a major magazine, all of which I knew I would never do. I did some research and finally found my dream career. So I am switching majors to Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Management and minoring in Marketing. Basically I will get to work the business side of the fashion industry, and I could not be more excited. I can’t start the program until the Fall so I have to stick with the classes I am in right now until the end of the semester, but after that I will be on my way to my dream career. The classes sound amazing and there are a ton of options with it, I honestly feel relief that I haven’t felt for a long time now that I have made this decision.


Of course I am sure you are thinking “the name of your blog is The Preppy Dietitian?” which means I am going to be changing my blog name, possibly even domains, I’m not really sure yet. I don’t know what I want to change it to just yet, I have a couple ideas in mind and as soon as I decide for sure I will post on here to let you know! I hope everyone has a great weekend! XO


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