A Little Update

I have finally decided on a new blog name!! So duuhh duhhh duhhh, welcome to The Chic Life! It took me a while to decide on a name, I didn’t want something that was too specific to any certain blogging item but I didn’t want something to broad either. Finally this little beauty of a name popped into my mind and I love it! I want to incorporate a lot more fashion/beauty related posts into my blog along with still doing lifestyle post so I figured the name was a perfect match! My new domain is simplythechiclife.wordpress.com! I hope you guys love the name as much as I do!

Now onto my week! Not much going on here, a lot has turned around for the better and life is definitely looking up! I am meeting with an advisor to get an official major switch done on Tuesday so I am really excited about that, also I am looking into finding another job, I want something in retail unfortunately my town doesn’t have many options so we will see! School has been going so much better now that I have decided to change my major, I feel so much more excited about my classes and it’s really helping me focus. This week was filled with exams and cold weather so I dressed pretty casual and comfortable.

 Processed with Rookie

Big cozy flannels are a must for casual, chilly, days!


If you want to go with a comfortable look that doesn’t call for leggings or sweats I recommend boyfriend jeans! They fit loosely so they are comfortable and you can pair them up to make them as chic as you want!

Of course mine and Josh’s week would not be complete without some Chipotle for you to drool over and some motivation(;




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