Weekend + Home Update

Over the weekend I took off on a trip to Columbus with my family. We had originally planned to do some shopping around the city but decided to hit some smaller places in German Village instead. I am not sure if any of you have heard of Thurman’s Caffe, they are known for their massively delicious burgers, but that is where we ended up. It is a super small “hole in the wall” type of place but the food and service was great. It is the perfect place to go if you are looking for some good food and a low-key atmosphere. I ended up trying one of the spicy burgers (I am going to add that it says a lot that I got a burger here, I typically hate hamburger meat but this was soooooo good!) they cooked it in Tabasco and topped it with pepper jack cheese and jalapeños, served with spicy fries. I highly recommend giving this place a shot if you’re in the area!


(Sorry for the horrible photo quality, it was super dark in the restaurant!)

After eating we hit some little shops then headed to Powell village to shop around. On the way home we spotted a Whole Foods and had to go in. It was the first time I have ever been in one and I honestly think i will drive an hour to do my grocery shopping from now on, I am in love with the place. Crossing my fingers and praying they bring one to our town soon.

I have been in a huge mood for home decor here lately, I desperately want to get our house finished so I have decided it is time to hustle and start getting some work done. I think we are going to start on the bathroom, I honestly hate everything about it right now, I am considering charcoal walls with some teal accents, although I am not 100% sure yet. Also I am dying to get our coffee bar set up in the kitchen and I really need to weather to warm up so we can start some back patio work. I promise I will post a house tour soon, even if it is only of the few rooms that are completed right now!

Back On Track

Monday morning I woke up feeling like a new person, I am not sure what hit me, maybe the nice weather, but whatever it was I am thankful. For the first time since Josh and I moved in together I felt 100% ashamed with how I let myself go and 100% determined to make changes and get to my goal. I don’t know how I lost sight of what I wanted but I am back and as determined as ever now. I started Monday using my Lose It app again to track my calories, I love this app, it is super simple to use and really opens your eyes to what is in the food you are eating. I also have been drinking this delicious detox water, it is supposed to help flush out your system and so far I think it seems to be working. I have felt more energized every day and my skin has looked brighter and more clear. There are a million and one different things you can put in your water, if you don’t know where to start just go to Pinterest and look up “Detox Waters” and it will provide you with a whole list of ideas. For mine I stuck with lemons, limes, strawberries, and cucumber. It tastes so refreshing that I find myself drinking so much of it a day.

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As far as food goes I have been obsessed with avocado sandwiches for breakfast. My favorite is a whole wheat english muffin toasted and then topped with avocado, tomato, light provolone, and hot pepper flakes.

I also have been loving grilled veggies. For dinner the other night Josh and I had grilled Caribbean Jerk shrimp and pineapple skewers with grilled zucchini, squash, and red potatoes. I was nervous about the combo but it turned out amazing. For lunch today I used the left over veggies and added tomato, then I topped it with thyme and parmesan cheese, it was really quick and tasted great.


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For fitness I have been going to the gym every day and working at for at least an hour. It feels great to be back at it and I am honestly wondering why I ever stopped. Nothing is more therapeutic that working out all of your frustrations.

I am excited to keep making these tasty and healthy meals and can’t wait to see and share my progress over the next few months! Have a great night loves! Xo

Snow Snow Go Away

To say I hate the snow would be a complete understatement. It ruins lives. period. It all started Wednesday night when I got off work around 9:30. The roads were terrible, the worse I have ever driven on them. I made it all the way to our road perfectly fine but as soon as I took the turn onto our road it all went downhill. Keep in mind I live out in the country down a bunch of back roads that never get cleared off. So I get about 2 minutes from our house, right to this big ass hill, and my car doesn’t budge. I tried reversing and then getting a better start at the hill and nothing. Then I started to slide down and almost landed myself in the ditch. Naturally I panicked, cried, and called Josh. Josh, being the most amazing boyfriend that he is, left home and ran all the way to my car, couldn’t get it to move, ran all the way back home to get a shovel, then all the way back to my car where he shoveled the entire road until he could get me home. Needless to say we were both pissed and never, ever, want to see snow again.


Yes the little grey thing at the top is Josh shoveling.

Thursday we both got the day off due to too much snow so that evening we decided the roads shouldn’t be too bad and we went to town to get stuff to make home made pizza. We got to town and home fine, but we ended up getting stuck at the bottom of our driveway and had to carry all the groceries up. (If I haven’t mentioned before we live on a mini Mt. Everest.) At this point we determined it is time to pack up and head off to California, or at least South Carolina!

On the plus side the pizza turned out amazing and I discovered a new beer that I am utterly obsessed with!


I believe the Cinnful Apple only runs through March so it will be going away soon, but if you have the chance go get your hands on it! It tastes exactly like apple cider, it would be perfect for the Fall!

I hope everyone has a great, snow free, weekend!(;

Spring Break

Thank the lord it is finally Spring break, I have needed this week oh so badly. Other than the fact that I picked up a billion and one shifts this week I plan on spending my days off binge watching series on Netflix and eating as many good meals as possible. I should also do some Spring organizing, but I am not holding my breathe on that one.

Over the weekend one of my good friends came to town and after not seeing her for almost 3 years I met up with her and her husband for dinner and then they ended up back at our place for a night of cards and drinking. It was a great time and really great getting to catch up on everything, but my hangover at work the next day, not so great.


I am praying that maybe some day all this snow will melt and it will be time to wear shorts and maxi dresses again, but until then I will continue on with cozy sweaters and jeans. I found an amazing little sweater jacket at TJMaxx for only $19 so of course I wore it the first chance I could get. I paired it up with my dark skinnies and black boots for comfortable outfit that was appropriate for dinner!

Yesterday was the only day this week that I had absolutely 100% nothing to do, so of course I spent the entire day in bed. I literally did not move until Josh got home, and it was amazing. Great way to start a break right? Josh convinced me that I should probably get up and at least cook a little something so we didn’t starve so I found a recipe I have been dying to try and oh. my. goodness. it was heaven.

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 I can’t say enough how simple this was to make. I pan cooked two chicken breasts and then shredded them. Then I cooked the penne noodles like usual, after they were finished I mixed in a light Alfredo sauce and the shredded chicken. Then you just spread half in a 9×13 baking dish, layer it with shredded mozzarella, add the rest of the noodle mix and then top it with the rest of the cheese. You can honestly add as much or as little cheese as you want, it is totally up to you! Bake it for about 20 minutes, serve it with some parsley on top and you are good to go. So easy. So good! Now it is time to down my third cup of coffee for the morning and head to work!