Snow Snow Go Away

To say I hate the snow would be a complete understatement. It ruins lives. period. It all started Wednesday night when I got off work around 9:30. The roads were terrible, the worse I have ever driven on them. I made it all the way to our road perfectly fine but as soon as I took the turn onto our road it all went downhill. Keep in mind I live out in the country down a bunch of back roads that never get cleared off. So I get about 2 minutes from our house, right to this big ass hill, and my car doesn’t budge. I tried reversing and then getting a better start at the hill and nothing. Then I started to slide down and almost landed myself in the ditch. Naturally I panicked, cried, and called Josh. Josh, being the most amazing boyfriend that he is, left home and ran all the way to my car, couldn’t get it to move, ran all the way back home to get a shovel, then all the way back to my car where he shoveled the entire road until he could get me home. Needless to say we were both pissed and never, ever, want to see snow again.


Yes the little grey thing at the top is Josh shoveling.

Thursday we both got the day off due to too much snow so that evening we decided the roads shouldn’t be too bad and we went to town to get stuff to make home made pizza. We got to town and home fine, but we ended up getting stuck at the bottom of our driveway and had to carry all the groceries up. (If I haven’t mentioned before we live on a mini Mt. Everest.) At this point we determined it is time to pack up and head off to California, or at least South Carolina!

On the plus side the pizza turned out amazing and I discovered a new beer that I am utterly obsessed with!


I believe the Cinnful Apple only runs through March so it will be going away soon, but if you have the chance go get your hands on it! It tastes exactly like apple cider, it would be perfect for the Fall!

I hope everyone has a great, snow free, weekend!(;

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