Weekend + Home Update

Over the weekend I took off on a trip to Columbus with my family. We had originally planned to do some shopping around the city but decided to hit some smaller places in German Village instead. I am not sure if any of you have heard of Thurman’s Caffe, they are known for their massively delicious burgers, but that is where we ended up. It is a super small “hole in the wall” type of place but the food and service was great. It is the perfect place to go if you are looking for some good food and a low-key atmosphere. I ended up trying one of the spicy burgers (I am going to add that it says a lot that I got a burger here, I typically hate hamburger meat but this was soooooo good!) they cooked it in Tabasco and topped it with pepper jack cheese and jalapeños, served with spicy fries. I highly recommend giving this place a shot if you’re in the area!


(Sorry for the horrible photo quality, it was super dark in the restaurant!)

After eating we hit some little shops then headed to Powell village to shop around. On the way home we spotted a Whole Foods and had to go in. It was the first time I have ever been in one and I honestly think i will drive an hour to do my grocery shopping from now on, I am in love with the place. Crossing my fingers and praying they bring one to our town soon.

I have been in a huge mood for home decor here lately, I desperately want to get our house finished so I have decided it is time to hustle and start getting some work done. I think we are going to start on the bathroom, I honestly hate everything about it right now, I am considering charcoal walls with some teal accents, although I am not 100% sure yet. Also I am dying to get our coffee bar set up in the kitchen and I really need to weather to warm up so we can start some back patio work. I promise I will post a house tour soon, even if it is only of the few rooms that are completed right now!

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