Easter Weekend Fun

Ahh the day after Easter hangover. I don’t mean an alcohol hangover, I am talking about a “holy crap I ate way to much chocolate and probably gained 50 pounds” hangover. Good thing I started my day with a quick leg session at the gym(; I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was as good as ours! The weather here was mostly perfect and we got to spend a lot of time with family.

Thursday was a little crappy and rainy so I stuck with boyfriend jeans and a comfy top with my converse.

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Later that evening I went to visit my cousin and her little boy. I haven’t been out to see them in a while and it was really great to get to catch up. I was blown away by how grown up he already acts for a 14 month old.

Saturday Josh and I made the horrible mistake of going to town, not once, but twice, to get some more things for Easter and I swear I almost had a break down inside Kroger. Nothing at all was going how we planned and to top it off town was so insanely busy you couldn’t even take 5 seconds to just think. Luckily we got home before it got too late and spent the rest of the night just relaxing. Another plus for the day? I felt super festive in my pastels that I wore.

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(Josh asked if I was trying to be an easter egg, but we’ll ignore that)

Sunday morning started off great absolutely terrible. I felt sick when I got up(probably a little too much wine the night before but we will just call it a stomach bug) so I went back to bed for a little bit. Somehow I managed to sleep through my alarm and the 12 times that my snooze went off so I ended up waking up about 2 hours before we had to  be at my parents. I ran around the house trying to hurry and make the cheese ball and Rice Krispy dessert that I was supposed to bring all while trying to get myself ready. Of course Josh was helping make the food, but I think he snacked on it more than he helped actually make it. A little tip, don’t use self tanner when you are in a hurry. I wore a teal dress and was determined to have at least a slight tan with it so I took about .25 seconds to put on my self tanner and to say it turned out bad would be an understatement. I have orange streaks all over me now and it does not look good. All ended up good though, we made it to my parents only 15 minutes late with both the cheese ball and dessert looking edible. We had a great visit before heading to Josh’s parents for a little while. Then it was home for the night where we could recover from our food comas and relax before the Monday craziness.

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The cheese ball was so simple. All you need is one 8 oz package of cream cheese, one package of corned beef, a splash of worcestershire sauce, a little green onion, and some shredded cheese. Mix it all up in a bowl and then let it refrigerate for a little while (about 30 minutes) then take it out and shape it however you’d like, cover it with some more cheese, and then throw some parsley at the top to form a carrot!

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The Rice Krispy treats we made were a little less simple. It probably would have helped if we had an egg shaped cookie cutter but since we didn’t we had to shape them all by hand, which as you can see did not turn out that well. They still tasted super yummy and looked pretty though so I can’t complain! If you are interested I found the recipe on Pinterest!

All in all the weekend turned out to be a good one and I am sad that it is over. Hope everyone has a great holiday-hangover day!