Juice Cleanses

A couple of months ago Josh and I tried to do a three day juice cleanse. It was one that I found on Pinterest where you just bought all the ingredients and made your own juice. The drinks didn’t taste bad but honestly it was a pain in the ass having to make all of your own drinks. Not to mention we don’t own a juicer so they turned out being more like chunky smoothies than juices, and it got WAY to pricey buying all the ingredients. Needless to say we did one day and then said screw it. With Summer approaching quickly and bikini’s are soon going to be an every day staple, I decided I wanted to give this whole cleanse thing another go. The only difference is that this time I would rather just purchase an already made cleanse from a company. cleanse-renovation

I have heard amazing things from BluePrint Cleanse. I would love to give the Renovation cleanse from them a try, but I am not sure if I am willing to pay that much.


Another company I have heard pretty great things about is Suja and the fresh start program they offer.This one is a little cheaper up front but after looking at shipping they are the exact same price.

I am considering splurging and trying one of these, ya know splurge for your health and what not, but I am also curious if any of you have tried a cleanse that you loved and is maybe not as pricey! If so please leave me a comment or shoot me and email about it, I would love to hear about the companies you are loving and give them a try!


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