Vacation Wish List

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With vacation quickly approaching I have started packing my bags and planning outfits for the week. I may be the only one who does this, but every single time I begin to pack for somewhere I start to dream of the items I wish I had to take with me, and it usually leads to a last minute shopping trip before we go. I decided to share the items I have been drooling over this time around so maybe other beach-goers can drool over them as well!
1. This Kate Spade tote is so perfect for the beach, it is chic without being over done and large enough to hold all of your beach items.
2. Another Kate Spade item I am dying to get my hands on is the adorable glass water bottles. I love the gold glitter one!
3. I love a good new pair of sandals, and these ones are to die for!
4. I have a serious love for rompers at the beach, they are so easy to throw on and when done right they can look so chic. This one from j.crew can be done casually over a bikini or dressed up for dinner which makes it totally convenient!
5. Obviously I have had an obsession with Kate Spade here lately so it is natural that I would want this beach towel to go along with everything else!
6. What is a beach wish list without a new bikini? I know none of you are new to the Triangl bikini trend and I must say at first I didn’t bite, but after seeing this beauty I had to jump on board.
Hopefully you all are dying over these items as much as I am now. Let me know what some of your beach must haves are and have a great summer lovelies!

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