Bar Cart Essentials

Currently there is a huge bar cart craze going around, you can’t log into Pinterest or read a blog without seeing one! Luckily I am super into this craze, I have been considering creating one of my own for a while now and wanted to share some of my essentials with you all!

Hollywood Regency Brass and Steel Bar Cart

Of course you have to start with the cart itself, and I am absolutely in love with everything about this one from Chairish! I especially love the wheels and the vintage look to it!

I think the most important thing with styling a bar cart is picking a theme and sticking to it. Make sure it is something that will look good i whatever room you put it in and try to keep the colors all matching. Now onto the goodies that go on it!

Untitled #5

1) You can’t have a bar cart without a champagne bucket. I love the gold stripes this one has and it goes great with the vintage theme! (Found on Chairish)

2) Every bar car must have some fresh flowers to go with it!

3) Cocktail glasses are obviously a must, these ones from Chairish fit perfectly with my theme!

4) You always have to have a cute shaker and I have been drooling over this Kate Spade shaker for a while now and think I may be ready to purchase.

5) A tray is perfect if you want to move something to a different room without wheeling the whole cart! This gold one from Chairish goes great with my theme!

6) A book of different cocktails is always needed for those days you just can’t think of what to make.

7) I love having pitchers for when you have a large group of friends all sharing a drink and the gold accents in this one made it perfect!

8) Sparkly gold coasters. Enough said.

9) Drink stirrers like these are always nice to have, plus they help make your drink photo ready(;

10) I am a sucker for always having candles lit so of course I would want to have some that went nicely with my bar cart!

Then all that is needed is some drink and your bar cart is ready to go! I hope that you guys liked these ideas, let me know what some of your favorite essentials are!


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