Spa Night

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With this week bringing the stress of finals I was relieved to have an evening where I could just relax and have a spa night, which is obviously my favorite type of night to have. I take spa nights pretty seriously and have a few products I religiously use so I figured I would share them with ya’ll! I may switch some of these out from time to time but for the most part these are my must-haves!
1. GlamGlow is my holy grail face mask company. I know they are pricey but invest the money, they are SO worth it. My favorite one to use is the SuperMud mask, it helps fight breakouts and works wonders for your skin!
2. It’s not a spa night unless you paint your nails, and Essie is always my top pick.
3. What is a relaxing evening without a good book? I just started reading Psychos by Babe Walker and I am hooked already!
4. This is a new addition to my routine but I am so obsessed with it already, my mom got me a Clarisonic for my birthday and holy cow does it clean your face. This is an every night use for me so I could not leave it out!
5. I know, I know, more GlamGlow, I am not kidding when I say this company is amazing! I got a sample for the eye treatment with a purchase of mine a while ago and I love it! It leaves your eyes feeling so refreshed!
6. You can not forget a great smelling lotion and this one from Victoria’s Secret is my favorite. It smells so warm and yummy and leaves you feeling cozy all night.
7. Relaxing evenings start with great smelling candles and for this time of the year I love fruity smelling ones like Pink Sangria from Bath and Body Works. Unfortunately they are not selling this one right now but another favorite of mine is Watermelon Lemonade.
8. I love using sugar scrubs and this one from Soap and Glory is my go to at the moment, not only does it smell great it also leaves your skin feeling awesome.
9. It would just absolutely not be a spa night without some Lush products! I always have to use either a bath bomb or a bath melt, they just make everything so relaxing and it doesn’t hurt that they leave the water pretty colors. One of my favorites is the Rose Queen bomb, it leave little rose petals after is dissolves.
Let me know what some of your favorite products are for spa nights and have a great week loves!

Snow Day Fun

This morning we woke up to about 5 inches of snow on the ground, and we were both so excited. I was already off work today and Josh got the good news that he didn’t have to go in so we were able to spend the day together just chilling out and trying to stay warm. I decided to make a big yummy breakfast so I whipped up some pancakes and Josh cooked some spicy sausage patties. I ended up topping my pancakes with some mixed berries, they turned out super yummy, and let’s just pretend I am able to make a perfectly shaped pancake..



Also have you guys tried the Starbucks iced drinks that are already prepared? I’m not sure exactly what they are called but you can buy containers of them at they grocery, I got the caffe mocha, it is so so good, and so simple!

I have been on a roll with yummy dinners here lately. Last night I made us grilled Mac-n-Cheese sandwiches and oh. my. goodness. they were amazing. You just cook up some macaroni and cheese and then instead of making a normal grilled cheese sandwich you fill it with the macaroni and add a slice of cheese. It is really easy, and absolutely delicious. Tonight I made some spicy sweet potatoes fries and cheesy bbq chicken sandwiches! I don’t know they exact measurements of everything I used but here is my attempt at the recipes!

For the sweet potato fries you need 2 or 3 sweet potatoes that you peel and then slice VERY thin. Microwave them for 4 minutes then put them in the oven for about 20-25 minutes. After you take them out of the oven heat some oil (I used coconut oil) in a pan and pan fry the potatoes until they are slightly brown and crispy. Then toss them in some salt, paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.

For the sandwiches you start by shredding some chicken breast. Then you chop up some cilantro.


(I am obsessed with fresh cilantro)

In a mixing bowl you combine the cilantro with some bbq, I used Red Hot spicy bbq, and then toss the shredded chicken in with it. Then I toasted some sourdough english muffins and put the chicken on them. Lastly I added a slice of sharp white cheddar and a slice of sharp cheddar. The cheese was super melty and all the flavors mixed together perfectly! I apologize for the ugly photo.


Now we are relaxing (with some serious food comas) and watching the Winter premier of Pretty Little Liars, I am absolutely obsessed with this show! Hope everyone has enjoyed their (snow) day! XO

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Today I woke up with one goal in mind, clean. Everything. The holidays left our house a total disaster so I knew it would dyak e awhile. I started with the kitchen and scrubbed every. single. spot. of the house. I took a break to make some lunch since Josh and I were both starving. We are running pretty low on groceries right now so I decided to make some minestrone soup (not homemade this time, I used the Bearcreek brand, which is surprisingly delicious!). We still have a ton of potatoes at the house so I decided to make something a little different. I took 4 small potatoes and sliced them, then I laid them on a pan and sprinkled some garlic powder and oregano on them and cooked them at 350 for about 10 minutes. I took them out and spread some shredded cheese on them then popped them back in the woven for another couple minutes just so the cheese could get melty. They turned out really good! It would’ve been even better if we had sour cream to put on them, but they were fine just like this! Here is the finished product!


After eating I got right back into cleaning, and I did not stop until about five minutes ago! Now I am enjoying some time just relaxing with a good glass bottle of wine and the movie Eat. Pray. Love. while waiting for Josh to get back with pizza (off to a great start with my get healthy resolution right?) Hope the new year is treating you all well! XO

Farewell 2014

How on earth is today the last day of 2014? I have been asking myself that since I woke up this morning, it just doesn’t seem even the slightest bit possible. This year has been great, I have made a lot of good memories and learned a lot of good lessons, along with learning a lot about who I am and what I want to do with my life. I’m ready to see what 2015 holds, and definitely ready to start bringing in warmer weather (2 months till March? I’ll take that). For now though I am going o enjoy my last day of 2014 with family and friends, and look back on some of the great times this year has brought.


We bought our house began working on it to turn it into our home. Also i made the bad  terrible decision to dye my hair dark.


We introduced Drew into the family.


Celebrated Josh’s 22nd and the summer with a new grill.


Went to Holden beach and kicked butt in put put.


Spent our Saturday’s at the horse track.


Killed Carved pumpkins.


And spent our first Christmas together in our own home.

This year wasn’t all fun, unfortunately on August 11th I lost my very best friend, Cruzer, who had been in my life for 12 years. It was one of the most difficult things I’ve been through, and I still struggle with it sometimes. Growing up as an only child he was always there and was like a brother to me, so it was very hard to say goodbye. I wish you could be here to celebrate the beginning of 2015 with me bubby.


Overall this year has been one of the best and I am thankful for every moment of it. Now time for some resolutions for 2015!

1. Save money. This is something I struggle with a lot, if I have it, I want to spend it. I know as I get older I need to take the responsibility of saving and not always spending so this is a big one for me this year.

2. Focus on school. Obviously this is a huge one I need to work on.

3. Get back to being healthy. I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t been a struggle for us since we moved in to our house, the freedom with food meant pizza and cake all the time, not a very healthy decision.

4. Enjoy every moment as it happens and stop worrying about the future. I want to be able to enjoy the time I spend every single day, I want to make the most of life.

What are some of your resolutions for the new year? Have a great night and everyone be safe!

Rainy Days

The weather has been total crap lately. First it was 50 degrees for both Christmas Eve and Christmas day, which is not okay, I was really hoping for a white Christmas this year. Then right after Christmas the weather instantly got colder and in came the rain. Sunday all I wanted was to get cozy and curl up with Josh and not leave the house until Spring. We were both really craving some type of soup so I decided to make a big pot of cheesy potato soup in the crockpot! It took a while for the potatoes to soften, but it tasted delicious!


It is super simple to make, first you dice up some potatoes, I used 5 small ones! Then you cut up some celery(as much as you want) and some green onion. Toss it all in the crockpot and the add 1 can of cream of chicken soup, about 1 cup of milk, and about 4 cups of chicken broth! I cooked mine on high for around 5-6 hours. Later I turned it down to low and let it set for a few more hours so it would be even better the next day! When you have about an hour of cook time left add some shredded cheese, whatever kind and as much as you’d like. It gives the soup a super yummy, cheesy, taste. I also added a little extra cheese on top when it was time to eat it! The soup was exactly what we were wanting and it made a ton of leftovers!

I can not believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, I know everyone says this but I swear this year flew by. I’m ready for 2015 and ready to start turning some dreams and goals into realities, but I am totally stunned by how quickly time is going. Tomorrow Josh and I are going to his parents to play some cards and bring in the new year with his family, and Thursday we will be heading to my parents to spend some time. Of course Thursday night is one of the most important evenings of the year, the Buckeyes are playing Alabama in the playoff game, and of course we are praying for a win! We are going to have some friends out for good food and beer while the game is on! These next few days will be busy but I am looking forward to them. I hope everyone has a super fun and safe New Years!

Christmas Catch Up

Christmas is officially over, it seems like it came and then left before I could even blink my eyes. It’s always such a bitter sweet feeling when its over, you’re sad because it ends so quickly but happy because the stress is over until next year.
This year was definitely different for me since it is the first year Josh and I have celebrated it in our own home, and I absolutely loved it. You know you’re getting older when you get excited about putting decorations up and all you ask for is goodies for the home. I can thankfully say I had a great time with family and got some great gifts, along with gifting family and friends with some great things they really loved. I hope all of you enjoyed the holidays as much as I did this year! Now it’s time to bring in the New Year and I am officially ready for spring (is it too early to bring out spring decorations?).


The original plan was that we were going to leave our tree and decorations up until New Years, it was what my mom always did and I liked the idea of it. It did not work out like that though. It actually turned into a shitshow, or better yet pissshow, Friday morning. Thursday Josh and I were out for about 13 hours going to different families houses, we had to leave Chunk at home for all those hours with no one here and we knew it wouldn’t end well. To our surprise we came home that night and everything seemed fine, nothing was broke and as far as we could see he hadn’t messed anywhere in this house. Of course we praised him and told him how great he did, and then we happily went off to bed. The next morning we were cleaning and getting some things put away when Josh noticed something smelled like dog pee, so we began to search, and that was when we discovered Chunk had PISSED all over the CHRISTMAS TREE. It was disgusting, and it was like he had done it just to spite us for leaving him home so long with no one here. By that time we were both angry and tearing the tree down trying to not get anything on us.  After we got everything cleaned up we boxed the tree up and were taking it out to the shed when it slipped, hit me in the arm, hard, and then smashed Josh’s finger. Needless to say the tree is lucky it did not get thrown out the window onto the road. And that is why our Christmas decorations all came down the morning after Christmas. Also that is why the only photos you will see of my Christmas decorations is the one above, that mainly focuses on my pj’s and slippers, and this one of my outside set up. If you follow my Instagram you’ve already seen this one. (Madisonpaige342)


Currently Josh and I are cozied up on the couch watching a movie while a pot of cheesy crockpot potato soup is cooking. The recipe for it will be coming soon!

Christmas Movie Night

First I would like to start off by saying I am sorry for my absence. Basically it started because I had finals to study for and then some personal things happened in my life that had me distracted and screwed with my mindset so I didn’t feel up to posting anything. But all is good now and I am back(:

I am getting super excited for Christmas so this evening Josh and I decided to watch some of our favorite Christmas movies. I made a huge pot of potato soup and some amazing grilled cheeses. To be totally honest they were not the healthiest choices, but the were not the worse either, and sometimes you just need some cozy comfort food! For the grilled cheeses I toasted some Italian bread on the stove top and then melted Muenster and Provolone-Mozzarella cheese on them. They turned out super cheesy, and super yummy, and went perfectly with the soup!



After eating dinner we put on the movies and I made us some hot cocoa, then we FINALLY decorated the tree. We have had it up since Thanksgiving but have been so busy that tonight was the first chance we had to decorate it! I love going out and having a good time but it is always super nice to be able to have cozy nights in being able to just enjoy each others company!

Also earlier today I made a super yummy lunch, we were low on groceries so I just threw together some whole wheat penne pasta, some broccoli, and some all natural tomato sauce to make a quick and easy pasta! Of course I had to top it with some parmesan and hot pepper flakes(;


Weekend Fun

This past weekend I went with my family on a mini trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My parents love this town and wanted to go to see all of the Christmas lights that were set up.
Unfortunately Josh was not able to get it off work so he had to stay home, but I still had a great time with my parents and Grandma! The town has added a ton more shops than what they had the last time I went, about 6 years ago. We left Thursday evening and headed back home Saturday evening. It was the perfect amount of time to see the sights and lights, and eat some amazing food. On the way there were stopped at Cheddar’s for a late dinner. I got the tilapia with a mango salsa over a bed of rice, a baked potato, and a side salad. It was all super yummy!


Once we got there we just got settled into our room and relaxed. We stayed in a neat little lodge that over looked a beautiful river, it was such a cozy little place, and they had it decorated so nicely for Christmas. The next morning when we woke up we went downstairs for some yummy bagels, waffles, and fruit, and then headed out for the day. We walked all around the little shops and spent hours just exploring everything the town had to offer. We ended up driving into Pigeon Forge to explore some of the different places they had there. Before we headed back to Gatlinburg we decided we were hungry so we stopped at this neat little place called J.T. Hannah’s. It was decorated with an old fashion western style and the food was amazing.


I order the chicken and steak fajitas, they were to die for. Also I loved how every where we ate they gave you mason jars to drink from, so cute!

After we all got full we headed back into town to do some more sight seeing! We went into an amazing Christmas shop, loads of shops with home made house decorations, little candy and home goods shops where you could watch them make everything, and several other neat places. I love how the town had more of an old fashioned feel to it. The shops were all small and cozy, and everyone seemed to make the items they sold by hand. Once it got dark we decided to take a ski lift to the top of the mountain so we could see the town and beautiful lights from above. I am absolutely terrified of heights so I would be lying to you if I said this experience did not scare the shit out of me. Once we were back down on the ground, at the level I like, we hopped in the car and drove all of the place to look at the light displays. On the way back to the lodge we spotted a really neat looking Mexican place called Jose’s and decided we wanted to stop in for some appetizers and drinks. I ordered the fajita nacho appetizer, thinking it would be a nice little small plate since I was still not to terribly hungry from lunch. I was so wrong though, I could not believe the size of these nachos.


The plate was almost a long as my arm! Needless to say I didn’t hardly even make a dent in these, although if I was hungry I am sure I could have eaten the whole thing. These were the best nachos I have ever had, and that is a lot coming from someone who orders Mexican food no matter where they go! My mom and I also both had a margarita, they were huge, and without a doubt the best one either of us have ever had.

After stuffing out faces to the point of being miserable we headed back to the lodge and called it a night. Saturday morning we woke up and went to this really awesome breakfast place called Crocketts Breakfast Camp. The only thing they serve is breakfast all day long, and for a good reason. This food was amazing. I ordered an egg white omelette that was stuffed with avocado, green and red bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and cheese. It was topped with a very fresh salsa and on the side I had fresh fruit and the most delicious biscuit I have ever tasted.


Everyhthing was so fresh and so yummy, yet so filling, I was sad I could clean my plate. We all also ordered two pancakes to split since none of us got them with our meals, and they were heavenly! The menus were on the inside of an old news paper, i loved how the whole place was decorated and set up! If you are ever in the area this place is a must go to!

Once we ate we did some last minute sight seeing, headed back to pack up our things, and then drove to Pigeon Forge to see the Titanic exhibit they had. This is something we had all been wanting to see for years, so I am happy we finally went. The way that it is set up is so amazing, it makes you feel like you are actually on the ship. The experience was very neat but also a little upsetting. It was heartbreaking to learn just how many passengers did not make it and to hear at least a piece of everyones stories. After we were finished with the exhibit we decided it was time to head home! I had such a great time but was thrilled to be back home and see my boys! Josh sent me this very depressing of photo of Cunk while I was gone, claiming he missed me too much. So I couldn’t wait to get back to see them!


Look at that heartbreaking face ):

Sunday I spent the morning relaxing with Josh before heading over to my parents to get some Christmas decorations. After I get the house cleaned up I plan on starting my decorating this evening before I go to work, you could say Tennessee officially put me in the Christmas spirit!

Time To Get Serious..

College, college, college. You start out your freshman year all hopeful and excited , you’re determined to have the time of your life and to graduate with as close to a 4.0 as you can get. Then sophomore year comes and smacks you in the face,
it did me anyways. My first year was a piece of cake, I took all intro classes and I breezed straight through them, this Fall has been a completely different story though. I started out doing okay, then I started slacking on homework and studying, then I add some stuff happen and I had to miss some classes, then I really enjoyed missing those classes so I decided to miss them all the time. Needless to say this semester has been bad, and it is going to take a lot for me to be able to recover from it. I regret the poor decisions I have made to an extent, but at the same time I am slightly grateful for them. That sounds kinda crazy I know, but it helped open my eyes a lot to what I really want to do in life and what I am really passionate about. In the last couple months I have learned that I am very passionate about beauty and fashion and am wanting to further that passion first starting with a youtube channel. I am truly inspired by the other women who have done this and I would love to give it a go! Once I get my channel up and going I will link it on here! I am wanting so badly to see where this journey is going to lead me. I have been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching lately to try and figure out what my path is supposed to be, and I think this may be it. With that being said I am not giving up on college just yet, I do want to earn a degree, and I truly still want to become a dietitian. I am going to be working double time to try and ensure both of these dreams come true! I am excited to keep you up to date and share this journey with you, thanks for reading loves!

Taco Salad Tuesday and OOTD


When I was little Taco Tuesday was a very, very, important event in our home.
Every single Tuesday we would either make our own tacos or pick some up from our from taco place in town. This went on for such a long time, it was like a holiday to us. Tacos’ have always been one of my very favorite foods so of course I wanted to try and continue this tradition once I moved into my own place. Josh and I are not as religious with this as my parents were, but I will say we usually have some sort of taco/burrito/burrito bowl(Chipotle) at least once a week. Today I decided to make a very clean, and very extremely yummy taco salad.

1) I bought some organic white corn tortilla chips to use as my base.

2) I cooked some chicken breast on the stove top and seasoned them with just pepper and a little salt.

3) I also heated up some black beans and mixed a little cumin and chili powder in with them.

4) I topped the chips with black beans and then shredded some chicken and put that on it.

5) I cut up some iceberg lettuce and spread that over top.

6) Then I added diced up jalapeños, onions, cilantro, and tomatoes.

7) To top it off I added home-made guac (recipe below), a little scoop of all natural sour cream, and low fat Mexican blend cheese.


For the guac all you need is:

1 avocado

a little cilantro

1/3 of jalapeño diced

about 1 tablespoon of diced onion

a sprinkle of salt

a sprinkle of cumin

You simply put all of the ingredients into a bowl and mash and mix it all together until it is smooth and well blended!

This was such a simple and delicious meal, I think it may be one of my new favorites!


My plans for today were to do nothing more than lay in bed, drink tea, and read. And that is what I did for the first half of my morning!


Then I realized I needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store so I threw on some leggings, a cozy sweater, and some combat boots. I quickly threw on a little foundation, mascara, and a little gold shimmer eye shadow. I wasn’t feeling doing my make up today, or my hair, so I just put it up in a quick (and pretty ugly) bun.


Have a wonderful Tuesday evening loves!