Cheers to 6 Years

If you follow me on Instagram (@madisonpaige342) then I am sure that you seen that this weekend Josh and I celebrated six years of being together. It’s crazy to think about, it seems like I have known him all my life, but at the same time it seems like we got together only a year ago. I am so thankful to have him in my life, for all the years we have spent together, and I am so ready to spend many, many more with him. I am feeling a little nostalgic for when we first got together so here are a few photos of young us.






Processed with Rookie

It is so funny for me to look at the old photos, we look like such children in them. To celebrate our weekend we went to our favorite local restaurant and then came home and binge watched episodes of The Vampire Diaries while drinking some delicious sangria.

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It was so simple to make and it turned out so good. I used a bottle of pink moscato, rosè, 1 cup of club soda, a package of raspberries, 1 mango, and a package of strawberries. Sugar your glasses rim, pour over ice, and drink while imagining you are on the beach.

Yesterday I had to go in for a meeting at wok and then came home to help Josh do some work outside. I wanted to wear something that was cute but comfortable enough to work in so of course I went with one of my favorites, combats and a flannel!

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We are trying to fix up our driveway and we are getting ready to get a back patio set up. We are debating between just pouring concrete or using stone, of course I would love to go with the stone, but we have to out way the costs before we make any decisions. I can’t wait to get it all finished and share it with you all! We are shooting for it to be done by the beginning of Fall.

Happy Monday and have a great week loves.


Fresh Start

It has been officially a month since my last post and I feel terrible. I have always promised myself that I would never become one of those bloggers that disappeared and then popped back up with a million excuses as to why they stopped writing, but here I am. Honestly I couldn’t find the right balance between my social media presence and the “real world” and decided taking a short break would be the best thing for me to do. I feel confident that it helped, I was able to get out and have some fun and now I feel refreshed and full of new ideas.

Another thing I need to address is the website change I mentioned in a previous post, I am still working on it and am hoping to have it up and running within the next week, thank you for sticking around and being patient with me!

If you have been keeping up with my Instagram ( @madisonpaige342) then you have probably noticed my current obsession with patterned shorts and pants for the summer! My current favorites have been from the Cynthia Rowley line at TjMaxx, the patterns and colors are amazing.


I couldn’t find a place online where you could buy these but I am sure if you check out your nearest TjMaxx you will find some you love!

Lastly I want to talk about a book. It is no secret I lose inspiration and motivation pretty easily and here lately I have been working very hard to change that. I have started looking into internships and ways that I can better help myself succeed. In all this research I stumbled across a pretty popular book at the moment, Leave Your Mark, by Aliza Licht. After reading the amazing reviews I ordered it and cracked it open as soon as it arrived. I am about half way through and to say I am inspired would not do justice, this book is great. If you are looking for some super inspiration tips this is a must read!


Have a great evening loves!


Happy October!

I can not believe that it is already October! Where on earth has this year gone? I feel like I was just celebrating Valentine’s Day a week ago! Thankfully October is my favorite month of the year so the sudden arrival isn’t all bad. What isn’t there to love about this month?

The leaves are turning beautiful colors, it’s the perfect temperature outside, it’s okay to wear cozy sweaters and adorable riding boots, and of course pumpkin everything. I am a pumpkin addict. I love candles that are pumpkin scented, pumpkin treats, pumpkin breads, and of course the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte! Unfortunately for me most of these treats I love oh so much do not love me back, they love to add weight in places that it is not welcome. That is why this month I have decided to post at least one healthy remake a week of some of my favorite treats! I will be including recipes, calories, cook time, and of course pictures! I am not sure yet if I am going to be choosing a specific day to post these or just do it randomly, but keep your eye out for my first one that should be up in the next couple of days!


One of the reasons I love fall, from the front porch.

Also for the month of October I decided to do a fun photo-a-day challenge! I am sure you know how these work but if not it’s simple! You look a what the “theme” of the day is, take a photo that is relevant to it, and post it on social media sites tagging me! You can of course post it on any site that you would like and if I do not have an account with that site you can comment the picture to me on here if you’d like! For Instagram just tag it to @madisonpaige342 and for Twitter tag it to @maddiepaige11 ! Please if you participate share your photos with me, I love seeing all the pictures, and of course check my sites because I will also be participating in the challenge! Here is the description photo:

october photo a day

Tomorrow I will be making an in detail post all about my September favorites. It will include my favorite makeup, clothing items, food, and just some other things I was loving for the month so look for that post some time tomorrow evening! Now get to picture taking and have a wonderful October!

XO Madison