Spa Night

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With this week bringing the stress of finals I was relieved to have an evening where I could just relax and have a spa night, which is obviously my favorite type of night to have. I take spa nights pretty seriously and have a few products I religiously use so I figured I would share them with ya’ll! I may switch some of these out from time to time but for the most part these are my must-haves!
1. GlamGlow is my holy grail face mask company. I know they are pricey but invest the money, they are SO worth it. My favorite one to use is the SuperMud mask, it helps fight breakouts and works wonders for your skin!
2. It’s not a spa night unless you paint your nails, and Essie is always my top pick.
3. What is a relaxing evening without a good book? I just started reading Psychos by Babe Walker and I am hooked already!
4. This is a new addition to my routine but I am so obsessed with it already, my mom got me a Clarisonic for my birthday and holy cow does it clean your face. This is an every night use for me so I could not leave it out!
5. I know, I know, more GlamGlow, I am not kidding when I say this company is amazing! I got a sample for the eye treatment with a purchase of mine a while ago and I love it! It leaves your eyes feeling so refreshed!
6. You can not forget a great smelling lotion and this one from Victoria’s Secret is my favorite. It smells so warm and yummy and leaves you feeling cozy all night.
7. Relaxing evenings start with great smelling candles and for this time of the year I love fruity smelling ones like Pink Sangria from Bath and Body Works. Unfortunately they are not selling this one right now but another favorite of mine is Watermelon Lemonade.
8. I love using sugar scrubs and this one from Soap and Glory is my go to at the moment, not only does it smell great it also leaves your skin feeling awesome.
9. It would just absolutely not be a spa night without some Lush products! I always have to use either a bath bomb or a bath melt, they just make everything so relaxing and it doesn’t hurt that they leave the water pretty colors. One of my favorites is the Rose Queen bomb, it leave little rose petals after is dissolves.
Let me know what some of your favorite products are for spa nights and have a great week loves!

Winter Essentials

winter essentials
After Christmas comes and goes I turn into one of those people that 100% absolutely hate the winter, like more than anything. I hate the cold, I hate the darkness, I just hate everything about it. I honestly wish I could just hibernate through the cold months. With that being said I definitely need some favorite essentials to help me get through the winter months so I decided to share them with you incase you suffer from the same problem!
1) Soap and Glory The Ritous Body Butter: THIS. IS. AMAZING. Seriously. Dry skin is not an issue if you use this, I promise.
2) Oversized cozy sweaters are a must. I have been loving the ones from American Eagle this season, the fit is perfect and they are so soft!
3) Starbucks. This is necessary whatever the season, but in the winter it helps make my days a little better. My favorites are Chai Lattes and White Chocolate Mochas, but I recently tried the new Flat White and I. love. it.
4) Sweaters. I swear I wear these with almost every outfit, my favorite are the cable knit infinity scarves!
5) Essie nail polish will forever be my favorite, and I can’t stop wearing the deep maroon and gray this season.
6) As far as chap stick goes Babylips is for sure my favorite, along with EOS in a close second!
7) Bath and Body Works candles always seem to be the best in the fall and winter, my favorites this time of year are homemade cookies and winter!
8) Lastly a new product I just discovered a few months ago is Glam Glow, they have a few different masks for different reasons, but my favorite for the cold months is their Thirstymud mask! It helps keep your face smooth and moisturized instead of being all dry and flaky, plus it smells like coconuts and makes you think it is summer for about 20 minutes.
These are the things that help make my winter a little more bearable and hopefully you love them just as much as I do if you try them! Let me know if you guys have any products that help get you through the cold!