Bar Cart Essentials

Currently there is a huge bar cart craze going around, you can’t log into Pinterest or read a blog without seeing one! Luckily I am super into this craze, I have been considering creating one of my own for a while now and wanted to share some of my essentials with you all!

Hollywood Regency Brass and Steel Bar Cart

Of course you have to start with the cart itself, and I am absolutely in love with everything about this one from Chairish! I especially love the wheels and the vintage look to it!

I think the most important thing with styling a bar cart is picking a theme and sticking to it. Make sure it is something that will look good i whatever room you put it in and try to keep the colors all matching. Now onto the goodies that go on it!

Untitled #5

1) You can’t have a bar cart without a champagne bucket. I love the gold stripes this one has and it goes great with the vintage theme! (Found on Chairish)

2) Every bar car must have some fresh flowers to go with it!

3) Cocktail glasses are obviously a must, these ones from Chairish fit perfectly with my theme!

4) You always have to have a cute shaker and I have been drooling over this Kate Spade shaker for a while now and think I may be ready to purchase.

5) A tray is perfect if you want to move something to a different room without wheeling the whole cart! This gold one from Chairish goes great with my theme!

6) A book of different cocktails is always needed for those days you just can’t think of what to make.

7) I love having pitchers for when you have a large group of friends all sharing a drink and the gold accents in this one made it perfect!

8) Sparkly gold coasters. Enough said.

9) Drink stirrers like these are always nice to have, plus they help make your drink photo ready(;

10) I am a sucker for always having candles lit so of course I would want to have some that went nicely with my bar cart!

Then all that is needed is some drink and your bar cart is ready to go! I hope that you guys liked these ideas, let me know what some of your favorite essentials are!


Vacation Wish List

Untitled #4
With vacation quickly approaching I have started packing my bags and planning outfits for the week. I may be the only one who does this, but every single time I begin to pack for somewhere I start to dream of the items I wish I had to take with me, and it usually leads to a last minute shopping trip before we go. I decided to share the items I have been drooling over this time around so maybe other beach-goers can drool over them as well!
1. This Kate Spade tote is so perfect for the beach, it is chic without being over done and large enough to hold all of your beach items.
2. Another Kate Spade item I am dying to get my hands on is the adorable glass water bottles. I love the gold glitter one!
3. I love a good new pair of sandals, and these ones are to die for!
4. I have a serious love for rompers at the beach, they are so easy to throw on and when done right they can look so chic. This one from j.crew can be done casually over a bikini or dressed up for dinner which makes it totally convenient!
5. Obviously I have had an obsession with Kate Spade here lately so it is natural that I would want this beach towel to go along with everything else!
6. What is a beach wish list without a new bikini? I know none of you are new to the Triangl bikini trend and I must say at first I didn’t bite, but after seeing this beauty I had to jump on board.
Hopefully you all are dying over these items as much as I am now. Let me know what some of your beach must haves are and have a great summer lovelies!

Spa Night

Untitled #3
With this week bringing the stress of finals I was relieved to have an evening where I could just relax and have a spa night, which is obviously my favorite type of night to have. I take spa nights pretty seriously and have a few products I religiously use so I figured I would share them with ya’ll! I may switch some of these out from time to time but for the most part these are my must-haves!
1. GlamGlow is my holy grail face mask company. I know they are pricey but invest the money, they are SO worth it. My favorite one to use is the SuperMud mask, it helps fight breakouts and works wonders for your skin!
2. It’s not a spa night unless you paint your nails, and Essie is always my top pick.
3. What is a relaxing evening without a good book? I just started reading Psychos by Babe Walker and I am hooked already!
4. This is a new addition to my routine but I am so obsessed with it already, my mom got me a Clarisonic for my birthday and holy cow does it clean your face. This is an every night use for me so I could not leave it out!
5. I know, I know, more GlamGlow, I am not kidding when I say this company is amazing! I got a sample for the eye treatment with a purchase of mine a while ago and I love it! It leaves your eyes feeling so refreshed!
6. You can not forget a great smelling lotion and this one from Victoria’s Secret is my favorite. It smells so warm and yummy and leaves you feeling cozy all night.
7. Relaxing evenings start with great smelling candles and for this time of the year I love fruity smelling ones like Pink Sangria from Bath and Body Works. Unfortunately they are not selling this one right now but another favorite of mine is Watermelon Lemonade.
8. I love using sugar scrubs and this one from Soap and Glory is my go to at the moment, not only does it smell great it also leaves your skin feeling awesome.
9. It would just absolutely not be a spa night without some Lush products! I always have to use either a bath bomb or a bath melt, they just make everything so relaxing and it doesn’t hurt that they leave the water pretty colors. One of my favorites is the Rose Queen bomb, it leave little rose petals after is dissolves.
Let me know what some of your favorite products are for spa nights and have a great week loves!

Spring Favorites

To be completely honest life has been b.o.r.i.n.g here lately. The weather has been miserably cold causing everyone is either sick or grumpy and all anyone wants to do is lay at home under 10 blankets watching movies. That has been life for the past 3 weeks now. Real blog worthy right?  So as I spend another morning curled up in blankets refusing to leave bed I figured why not at least dream about the warm weather, hence why a spring favorites is coming so soon. WARNING: may cause serious cravings for sun and packing your bags for California.
Spring Favorites
1. I can not stress enough how much I love rompers, they are easy to throw on and look adorable! These will be a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe!
2. Philosophy body washes are little bundles or happiness when the seasons change. I always know it is truly spring when I start using my raspberry sorbet scent.
3. I really loved these wool floppy hats for Fall and I think they will be a great accessory for Spring as well!
4. Statement necklaces are great any time of the year, but I really love all the fun colors for the Spring!
5. I didn’t jump on the crop top craze last year, but I am a full believer that paired with the right thing I will be loving them this year. They can look really nice and chic when paired well.
6. Skater skirts. I am obsessed. They look great with the crops tops, or really any top at that.
7. Classic black heels are a staple. I dream of the Christian Louboutins that are pictured.
8. Comfy Spring days call for boyfriend jeans. You can make them as dressed up or casual as you want, and they are seriously so comfortable.
9. Speaking of comfy, I am loving the Céline t-shirts I have been seeing every where! They would look great casually paired with the boyfriend jeans or dressed up with the skater skirt.
10. Gladiator sandels will always be a staple in my book, but this year I really love the ballerina looking heels. I think they will be adorable with the right outfits!
11. One of the best things about Spring is the lip colors! I love all the bright pinks that always start popping up this time of the year!
12. I listed my dream shoes so of course I had to list my dream bag. I am determined to own this Céline purse by the Summer!
One thing that is not photoed that I really love is the Lauren Conrad Cinderella collection at Kohl’s. I always love when her new collections come out, and this one has been one of my favorites! The tulle skirts are amazing and I may be purchasing one of the dresses for Easter(;
I hope everyone starts their day with wonderful warm thoughts now, and I won’t blame you if you decide to run off to sunny skies until it get warm again!